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www.onebabyowner.co.uk is a site operated by One Baby Owner Limited (“we” or “us”), a company which is registered in England and Wales under company number. Our registered office is at 2 Tower House, Hoddesdon, Herts. EN11 8UR. Our email address is hello@onebabyowner.co.uk .


You have to be eighteen and over to use the website.

You are only allowed one private account (you may have an additional business account, or multiple business accounts).

No links to other websites in your advert.

If you have sold an item, please mark item sold. This makes the website work better for everyone.

No restricted items to be listed (see content section below).

Acceptance of terms

Your access to and use of the website is subject to these Terms and Conditions. By using the website you are deemed to have agreed to the terms, conditions and disclaimerscontained in these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you must not use the website.

We reserve the right to update or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and your continued use of the website following any change(s) shall be deemed to be youracceptance of such change(s). We will publish all updates and amendments to these Terms and Conditions on this page.

One Baby Owner is buying and selling platform only

One Baby Owner is designed to function as a platform for sellers and buyers to meet.We do not take any responsibility for contracts for the supply of goods or services madethrough the website.

One Baby Owner is not a party to contracts made between a buyer and a third party seller,and the Company is not liable under any contracts formed.

We do not provide assurances or warranties for items bought or sold through the website.One Baby Owner holds no responsibility over the quality, safety or standard of goods sold.Contracts are made between the buyer and the third party seller.This does not affect your statutory rights.

One Baby Owner is not liable for any loss, injury, accident, claim, cost, charge, expense,action or demand whatsoever, in any jurisdiction, arising from or in any way connected withthe use of the website.

Buyers and sellers accept the risks inherent in participating in purchasing or selling secondhand goods to or from a third party, and hereby waive all rights to any claim for damagesfrom, and relieve, release and forever discharge any claim for damages from One BabyOwner.

Disputes between website users are not mediated by One Baby Owner.The company ishereby released from any claims, or damages of every kind, in any way connected withsuch disputes.

Site access may be limited at any time, and for any reason

Whilst we endeavour to ensure the website is available at all times, we shall not be liable if, for any reason, the website is unavailable at any time or for any period.

Access to the website may be suspended temporarily or permanently and without notice, for any reason (although we will do our best to avoid this).


We do not review all listings posted by members, and are not involved in transactions or contracts between buyers and sellers. As a result, One Baby Owner cannot guarantee the accuracy of postings or user communications. You understand that Content, whether posted publicly or via private message, is the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated. By using the website you understand and accept you may be exposed to Content that is incorrect, misleading, offensive and/or indecent.

We have no obligation to monitor all content on the website but shall be entitled to review Content transmitted and, at our sole discretion, to remove any Content that breaches these Terms and Conditions or is otherwise objectionable.

You are prohibited from posting on the website the following:

  • Any material that is threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, offensive, pornographic, abusive, discriminatory, in breach of privacy or which may cause annoyance.

Items which may not be sold:

  • Anything illegal or unsafe.
  • Stolen goods
  • Pornography or adult entertainment.
  • Animals, animal parts, furs or skins, ivory or bone products
  • Prescription drugs, illegal drugs, legal highs, supplements or over the counter medications
  • Fake, copied or unauthorised items
  • Firearms or ammunition, fireworks, weapons or knives.
  • Human tissue or material, including breastmilk
  • Alcohol, Cigarettes or tobacco related products
  • Virtual goods, such as ebooks or any other digital products
  • Unlocked hardware, games consoles, copied games, DVDs, computer software, or R4 cards
  • Gaming or fruit machines (unless you can prove you have a licence from the Gambling Commission)

One Baby Owner reserves the right to delete content which we believe is violating the conditions above. We reserve the right to restrict a members use of the website, or cancel a membership for any reason, but especially if we believe you are breaching our Terms and Conditions.

Acceptable uses

One Baby Owner must only be used for lawful purposes. You may not use our website in any way that breaches any relevant local, national or international laws or regulations. You may not use it in an unlawful or fraudulent fashion. You may not use the website to send unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or promotional material.

You may not distribute viruses or any other technologies which may harm One Baby Owner or its members.

Fees for usage

We may alter our pricing structure from time to time. We will inform you of any changes to our pricing prior to these being applied. You are under no obligation to continue to use the service when our prices are amended.


One Baby Owner does not guarantee the storage of listed items or messages. We reserve the right to delete messages or listings, as needed to run the website. We do not retain any liability for the loss of this content.


One Baby Owner does not bear any responsibility for mediating between website users over disagreements in the business of buying and selling items through the website. We do however reserve the right to suspend any member’s account should it come to our attention that a member has been behaving in a fashion not in keeping with the ethos of the website. We no not bear the responsibility for explaining or justifying any such decision.

Leaving One Baby Owner

You may terminate your registration at any time, for any reason, by going to My Account > My Details, and selecting ‘Cancel Account’ at the bottom.

We may terminate your registration, at any time and for any reason, but will endeavour to let you know by the means of contact you have provided us.

Viruses and Hacking

You must not introduce viruses, trojans, or other technologically damaging material. You must not try to gain unauthorised access to the One Baby Owner server, or any server or database connected to One Baby Owner. This would constitute a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

You must not knowingly install spam material to the website, or purposely interfere with the service provided by the website.

One Baby Owner will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by technologically damaging material that may infect your computer or network, as a result of using One Baby Owner, or downloading any material from the website.

Privacy Policy

One Baby Owner is committed to protecting and respecting its members privacy.

We take your privacy very seriously, and will do everything we can to ensure you do not receive unwanted messages as a result of joining One Baby Owner.

  • Your email address and postal address will not be published on the website.
  • You control what messages you receive from One Baby Owner.
  • We do not share your details with any other companies.

Please read on to understand our Privacy Policy, regarding your personal data.

We will not pass on your information unless you specifically consent to us doing so, or we are specifically required to by law.

We use the information you give us to provide you with a better service, notably:

  • for our own record keeping.
  • to improve our services
  • to periodically send you emails about great items for sale, competitions, giveaways etc, using the email address you have provided. You can opt out of these emails.

The data we hold is securely stored, and only accessible by authorised staff and partners with One Baby Owner.

Details of Security

We are committed to making sure your infomation is held securely. To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we use the following systems to secure the information we collect online.

We retain the right to revise our terms and conditions. Please visit this page occasionally to keep abreast of any changes.

These terms were last amended on 5 January 2018.