Selling Guidelines

One Baby Owner is designed for mums (or other carers) to sell their gently used children’s and baby items, within the UK.

To help you have a great buying and selling experience, we’ve put together a few guidelines. Please do your best to follow these, so we can all benefit from being nice!

Honest Listings

  1. Be honest!  We know used kids’ stuff doesn’t stay perfect.  It’s best just to tell buyers exactly what the item’s condition is.
  2. Take clear photos, let buyers know if there are any stains or damage.  You must include at least one photo of your item in its present condition.

Clean and well-presented items

  1. Please make sure you always wash your items, or clean them as best you can.

Upfront and considerate messaging

  1. Be nice in all your messaging.  We are all just doing our best by our kids.
  2. Please no hassling people, making unreasonably low offers or bullying.  Sellers can make clear if they want the asking price only - if they have done this, please don’t message them with a low offer.


  1. You can choose a private username, and your items will be listed for sale under this name.  Website users do not need to know who you are, or your exact location (the map will not show your exact address).
  2. Your email address and postal address are kept confidential through the website.  To accept a PayPal payment, you will need to share an email address, and you may share your postal address if you wish to have an item collected from your house.  You can share these details through our secure messaging system, once you have accepted an offer.

Sold as seen

  1. If you collect an item in person, look at it carefully before paying and taking it away.  Once you have paid, that’s means you've entered into the contract, accepting the item is as described.  If you are not happy with the item in person, simply tell the seller, and say you’d prefer not to buy it.

Buying without seeing

  1. Most items sold are secondhand.  If you choose to receive items by post, you agree to buy these items as described, without seeing them first.  Although PayPal will offer protection if the item is ‘significantly not as described’, buyers must recognise the nature of secondhand purchasing.  You should not pay more for an item than you feel comfortable, and should expect used items to show signs of use.

Timely Completion

  1. If someone makes you an offer, please try to complete the sale (post it or arrange collection) within 7 days.  This makes the buying experience better for everyone.  If you are not able to complete within 7 days - it’s better just to tell your buyer.  If they still want the item, they should get in touch when you are available to complete the purchase.

Payment methods

  1. The only two methods of payment we recommend are cash on collection, or PayPal.  
  2. PayPal allows you to pay securely for an item which will be posted or collected by courier.  There is protection for the buyer, if the item does not arrive, or is ‘significantly not as described’.  If the item is ‘SNAD’, they can open a dispute to receive their original payment back.  See Paypal’s guidelines here

Posting items

  1. If you are posting an item, or it is collected by courier, you must accept PayPal.  
  2. If you post an item, consider carefully whether to post as ‘Recorded Delivery’ or just ‘Proof of Postage’.  The former is more expensive, but protects the seller from having to give a refund if the buyer claims the item has not arrived.  See our Postage Guidelines for more information.


  1. If you are arranging to collect an item (or have an item collected) we recommend you meet in a public place, such as a town centre car park, and take someone with you.  It is always safer not to go to quiet places alone with cash.
  2. If you find you are having difficulty reaching an agreement with a buyer or seller, then it may be best not to agree to the purchase.  Often, if there is going to be a problem or a dispute, there will be clues earlier in communications.


  1. If there is a disagreement between a buyer and a seller, please try to try resolve this amicably.  It is always best to communicate openly and to suggest a fair solution.  One Baby Owner can’t be involved in the disputes that may arise in the process of buying and selling used baby and children’s items through the platform, but we offer general guidelines for a resolution below.
  2. If the buyer is not satisfied with the item, if possible, a seller should accept the return of the item, and offer a refund.  If it is simply that they buyer changes their mind, or doesn’t like the item when it arrives, the seller is not obliged to refund any delivery costs (as listed on the site), only the listed price of the item.  This is One Baby Owner’s preferred recommendation, but sellers do not need to offer returns.
  3. If an item is significantly not as described (condition significantly worse than appeared in photos, hidden damage, or malfunctioning), the seller should offer a full refund including delivery costs.  If the seller is not willing to do so, you can open a dispute with PayPal, and their resolution centre will decide.
  4. We do not encourage the reduction of price or offering of a discount if a buyer is not content with the quality of an item.  This is to discourage buyers from purchasing items, and then making demands for a discount.
  5. If the buyer does not receive the item, they should let the seller know.  The seller can either - offer a full refund (e.g. if item has not been posted), provide proof of delivery, or provide proof of postage.
    • If the seller has proof of delivery, they are not obliged to refund the buyer.
    • If the seller has proof of postage but not delivery, you should follow the steps outlined in the postage section.  If the item does not arrive, or is not found, the seller should offer a full refund including postage costs.  The seller may be able to claim compensation via Royal Mail, so please respond to their communication.  If the seller does not agree to pay the refund in these circumstances, you can open a dispute with Paypal.

Updating your account

  1. If you have sold an item through One Baby Owner, it’s great if you can mark this as sold.  This removes the item from the website (although the listing will still be stored in your members area).
  2. If you change your mind about selling an item, you can either delete it or mark it as sold.  If you delete it, the listing will be permanently removed.  If you mark it as sold, it remains in your member area, and you can choose to relist it at a later date.

Have fun! Happy Buying! Happy Selling!