Why use One Baby Owner?

The cost

As a parent of a 3 year old and 1 year old, I know first hand just how expensive it is to raise young children. When I first had kids, I was shocked at how expensive all the toys, clothes and equipment were.  And my children grew so fast!  Much of what they had was only lightly used, and still in great condition.  But there wasn't an easy way to sell these items onto other families.

I grew tired of the expense of buying endless new things for my children, and felt much happier buying items second hand.  Without spending hours browsing through local charity shops, it was difficult to find the particular items I might be looking for.

The waste

Raising children is an expensive, and wasteful, time.  Lots of clothes and toys get stashed in lofts and spare bedrooms for years.  Nearly 1/3 of UK clothing ends up in landfill.  It would be so much better for everyone if we all passed on our good quality items.

The solution

I realised that the kind of website I wanted to use didn't exist.  One where it was quick and free to list cheaper items, and the listings would stay live for longer.  A website where I could search for exactly what I wanted: filtering by size, sex, price, category, or postal option.  If I wanted to use this sort of website, I was convinced there must be other parents out there who would too.

Get involved!

So, instead of buying something new, why not buy it second hand?  And, instead of putting something in your loft, why not advertise if for sale or as a freebie on One Baby Owner?  Lets work together to cut down on waste, to provide good quality items for children, and to help cash-strapped families.  Earn money, save money, and save the planet!

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