Help & FAQs


How do I list an item?

Simply, register as a member of One Baby Owner, then click ‘Start Selling’! 

How should I price my items?

See our handy pricing and postage guide for ideas about what to charge for your items.

Should I sell items individually, or as a group or bundle?

This is up to you!  It can be easier to sell items in groups - but you should expect to achieve a lower price for them.  Similar or related low-priced items can be grouped together.  More expensive items might be better listed individually.  You can always suggest buyers look at your other items and offer combined postage.

How do I know what category to list an item in?

Most of our categories are self explanatory, and should be in a sensible place.  You must choose a third level category (i.e. go three categories down).  You can browse the categories in the ‘Start Selling’ page, to decide which is the best category for your item.  If however, you can’t find the category you are looking for, choose the most relevant option, and at the bottom should be an ‘Other…’ category. 

How do I upload photos?

If you are on a PC, click browse and look in the folder where you have your photos stored.  If you are on a mobile device or tablet: you can either take a photo with the camera, or load photos by clicking ‘Browse’ then ‘My library’.  

Why is it taking a long time to upload photos?

If you have a slow internet connection, and it is taking a while to list photos - start by listing just one.  You can always add more later if you have interest.

Will I need to use PayPal?

If you want to post items, or buy posted items yourself, you need to be registered with PayPal.  This is the secure payment method which allows a buyer to pay for an item which is going to be posted.  You give the buyer your registered email address (if you are not registered already, you need to sign up with PayPal (it’s very easy!). You can then post the item, and the buyer has some protection if it doesn’t arrive or is ‘significantly not as described’ - they can apply for a refund through PayPal.

How do I work out how much something will cost to post?

See our handy postage guide to help you calculate postage charges.

Should I post items by recorded delivery?

See our handy postage guide which gives advice about the best postage options to use.

Why do you have a maximum postage charge?

This is to make sure our sellers don’t add an unreasonable postage cost, which makes the website more complicated for buyers to use.  If an item is going to cost more than £15 to post, we think the cost should be included in the asking price, or should really be a collection only item.  An item which is very expensive to deliver, would probably be better seen in person, just in case a buyer decides they are not happy with it.

How can I mark something as sold?

Simply go to My Account > Manage My Ads.  Click the box which says ‘This item is sold’.  This will remove the item from being live on the website.

What if I decide I no longer want to sell something?

You can either delete the listing altogether, by going into My Account > Manage My Ads.  Click ‘Edit’ and at the bottom of the advert, is a ‘Delete’ button.  If you simply wish to remove the ad from being ‘live’ on the site, you can click ‘This item is sold’ in the Manage My Ads section.  This removes it from being searchable, but the item can be relisted by choosing ‘Edit’ at a later date.

What if no-one contacts me about my listings?

Perhaps your item is not a commonly searched for item.  Or perhaps you are asking too much for it.  You could reduce the price, mark the item as ‘offered considered’, change your delivery options, or consider offering it as a freebie.  Alternatively, just give it a little longer to find the right buyer!

What if a buyer wants to return an item?

See our selling guidelines for more detailed guidance about returns.  In an ideal world, we would like our sellers to offer refunds (but not of the delivery costs) if a buyer doesn’t like an item or changes their mind.  However, if the item is as described, it is completely up to the seller if they choose to offer this. (Please note: This is for private sellers - different laws apply for business sellers.)  And if the item was bought by cash on collection, the seller does not need to offer a return option.  If a posted item is ’significantly not as described’, then a buyer should receive the delivery costs and purchase price back as a refund, and can apply for this by opening a dispute with PayPal.

What if a buyer says my item didn’t arrive in the post?

See our postage guide for what to do if your buyer says they did not receive an item you have sent.

How do I turn off email notifications?

Simply go to My Account > My Details and click the relevant boxes which allow you to turn off either the email notifications when you have received a message, or our fortnightly update email (which contains great offers, freebies and competitions).


Do I need to be a member to buy something?

Yes, to use our secure messaging system, you need to register with One Baby Owner.  You can do it here.  It is really quick and simple to do, with no strings attached.

How do I browse for items?

You can search for a keyword, either UK-wide, or within a certain distance of you (or relatives).  Or you can browse by category (click your preferred one from the top bar).  Choosing a further subcategory will narrow your search, or you can refine your search by price, delivery option, advert type, condition, payment option or offer type.  Finally, you can sort items by price, location or time of listing.  It really is very easy to find exactly what you are looking for with One Baby Owner!

Can I offer less than the advertised price?

You can, but please be reasonable. If a seller has indicated in their advert that they only want the full price, then it’s polite not to offer less.  If they have clicked ‘offers considered’, then they are happy to receive lower offers.  If they’ve not said either way, it’s generally OK to offer a little less, if you think it’s a bit too expensive for you.

What if I have bought something, but it’s not as described?

First, contact the seller, and explain why you are not happy with the item.  If you both agree it’s not as described, they should refund the selling fee, with the postage.  They might agree to pay the return postage as well.  If you can’t come to an agreement, you should open a dispute with PayPal.  You have 180 days from the date of payment to open a dispute with PayPal (but generally sooner is better).  Once you have opened a dispute with PayPal, if you cannot reach an agreement, you should escalate the dispute to a claim.  You must do this within 20 days of opening the dispute, or the case will be permanently closed.  Read here for their guidance on resolving a dispute.  PayPal’s decision is final.

What if something doesn’t arrive in the post?

First, contact the seller.  They might have had difficulty getting to the Post Office.  If so, hopefully they will get it posted very quickly.  If they have posted it, and have proof of postage, then see here  [link to Postage guidance page] for what to do next.  If they have posted it, and have proof of delivery - then someone at your address has taken the delivery.  If they have not posted the item, or do not respond to messages, open a dispute with PayPal.  You have 180 days from the date of payment to open a dispute (but sooner is better). Read here for their guidance on resolving a dispute.

How can I cancel my membership?

Are you sure? You can always turn off email notifications in the My Details section, or mark your items as sold in the Manage My Ads section, if you want a break from using the site. If you are sure you want to leave...

Go to My Account > My Details and scroll to the bottom.

Click the ‘Cancel Account’ button. We’ll be sorry to see you go!